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Tu Compañero de Viaje!


Our project is about public transport information available to users. On how to provide our users with information regarding bus fare, arrival times, bus tops and available and possible connections in the vicinity.
We propose a QR code based system where phone users can use to look for that information when they are in the bus stop, or terminal.

Probably is common in other markets but in Costa Rica, bus related information is spilled across many agencies and they do not provide it properly to the public. Our system relies on users feedback to provide it to the public.


Gretchen Hutt
Santiago Carrillo
Gustavo Coronado

We thank the ChepeServiceJam organizers that provided an excellent experience.
Also people who attended and provided feedback to our project, and that collaborated with us in the making of the video.

Also no lego was harmed during the filming.


Team members:

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