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Who's your food family?


FeedU is about sharing meal moments with friends and connecting those moments back to real recipes and a healthier life.

We're rebuilding the family dinner table for university communities and empowering individuals to cook healthier meals. FeedU brings together meals, recipes and friends over a healthy community dinner table.

General Information
• Find a Food Family
• Show up with your ingredients and a smile
• Collaboratively cook a delicious, healthy meal
• Take home a new recipe, a full belly and a happy heart


Community Build-inator: Micah Whitehead

Persona Consultant: Taylor Levy

Responsible Sketchifier: Heather Kamper

Scripted Manager: Matthew Livaudais

The Handler: Chris Arnold

Gatherer of Cats: Zachary Ernst

Scapegoat: Sean Kennedy

Voice of the People: Jason Canterbury

Maven of Connection: Meredith Singer

Bringer of Good Things and Toothfairies: Don Crow