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A crowdsourced library of social enterprise business plans & startup lessons which are open sourced


Slideshare (until link is fixed or gallery starts appearing):

What if: You were an aspiring social entrepreneur with an idea. The idea itself wasn't necessarily original, but it had never been tried in your country. Competition wasn't a problem. What if you could benefit from everything that a similar entrepreneur learned doing a similar business in a different country?

We propose: a Library of social enterprises whose documents have been opened to the public. We will collect business plans and other documents and lessons learned from people running those businesses.

Why? Most businesses FAIL, and most social enterprises fail. But social enterprises don't necessarily fail because of too much competition. They fail because discovering their market and learning the lessons took too long and cost too much. What if they could skip those early stages completely by studying what others have done, and receive this knowledge and experience for free?

In this LIBRARY of ideas, each idea could be branched off into separate independent copies, like GitHub. The ideas could be improved by anyone and anyone could add their own ideas, like Wikipedia.

The result of each idea is a FRANCHISE for a type of social enterprise. These social franchises confer the main benefits of franchises without needing to pay franchise licensing fees. Franchising greatly increases the odds for a new enterprise.

Over time, the collect of businesses in the library will GROW and each idea will improve as the community contributes improvements, just like Wikipedia and open source software communities. Thus the number of social enterprises around the world will grow and each participating business will grow.

[If you know Rocket Internet, this would let anyone CLONE a successful business like them in new markets, but just for social enterprises.]


Thomas and Giang designed it!