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Crowd-sourced installations for cultural growth.


We live in a world where technology and money have eroded human connection between families and friends. Where individuals text, facebook, tweet, and email before they have real eye contact and physical touch. Before they say hello and find meaning in each other’s lives.

In comes the Catalyst Installation Project out of Vietnam. It’s our attempt to interrupt the zeroes and ones and get people involved in completely new spaces. Reconnecting them with the people around them and causing them to create spaces together. Thereby, evaluating the meaning in their own lives.

We’ve embedded hundreds of hanging ‘catalysts’ throughout Ho Chi Minh city. Each catalyst contains a part of a story. A story that isn’t clear until all the catalysts are brought together in one space by people who find them. Citizens of the entire city will come together to create a piece of installation art in a new space. The city will create a new space together.
These modern spaces can be coffeeshops, restaurants, museums, private and public spaces that want customers to enter their space. Each customer hangs the catalyst in a part of the story. And each catalyst contains a coupon that can be redeemed when added to the installation.

In this case, we’ve chosen the legend of Thanh Giong, a famous Vietnamese hero whose lifetime triumphs underline key Vietnamese values. These unexpected found objects, catalysts, will become the impetus for families and friends to re-educate themselves about their history and interact with modern space in a completely new way.

It’s going to be a citywide sensation that moves from venue to venue and month to month. Rippling out to every city near you.


Andrew Miller, Lottie Burnley, Anh-Minh Do