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Pop-up events out of a open container where students present their awesome multidisciplinary projetct


Map showing where current events are happening:

The goal of Grow Your Education is to raise student awareness on the relevance and power of working in a multidisciplinary way.
To do this, GYE has a CARGO project: a monthly pop up event held out of a shipping container (that opens up and transforms itself into a stage) set-up in an outdoor area on a main part of a university campus. Here, students have an opportunity to present a project idea they have or are working on that works in a multidisciplinary capacity. The CARGO presentations are filmed by the GYE team (either BY employees or recruited volunteers), uploaded to the GYE website, and broadcast through social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube).

Between events, while the shipping container remains closed, it is always active: generating anticipation and awareness of the next monthly event (with a glowing LED countdown clock on the front ´door´of the cargo crate) and creating awareness of the GYE initiative with branding and contact information on the sides.

Any student can present at a GYE CARGO event! They just have to go onto the Grow Your Education website and submit their project idea; the only criteria: the project must have at least two disciplines involved (e.g. marketing and dance). The online community then upvotes the listed projects to qualify for the next event.

The 'dormant' cargo box promotion, the live event, the different channels the event content goes out through, and the online community - all are strategies to help motivate students to submit their idea of a talk and participate in the community!