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creating chances for families to talk about their life stories, rethink and learn about each lives


* This is an idea for Global Service Jam 2013.
* Please contact us If you are interested in this idea!!

There is few chance for parents and children to talk their lives in more detail.
Our service is to share the stories of families through trips.

1. Making Trip Plan

Son or doughter have interviews with their parents using the guide.
You can think your own trip plan on the website.

2. Enjoy Trip

You can enjoy your trip using the guide.
They relive the experiences of family to talk more about the stories of families.

3. Having Album

We build your album from your trip and interview after the trip.
Both parents and children review their stories of family.

and rethink about your own growth
not just from you but also from other point of view.


Team Members: Daisuke Nakazawa, Nobuo Masuda, Ami Ito and Wakako Kitamura
Prototyping: Nobuo Masuda
Movie Composition: Daisuke Nakazawa
Cast: Maiko Tokumitsu, Nobuo Masuda and Daisuke Nakazawa

Team members:

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