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You are what you eat



For us, the GSJ2013 theme grow^ means helping the most diverse social groups, from a single person to the biggest countries and organizations, to grow - up, into and on - in a harmonic way and with empathy. Also we understand that the ^ sign enforces, based on different meanings gathered from this sign, the multi versed connections (logical AND representation), the sustainable, long term duration planning (^ as a pronunciation sign) and also the beginning of a transformation era (^ as a regular expression meaning of “start of a line”).

The “Meu RU” project

Based on our complex but very meaningful understanding of the theme, we determined a set of premises which our project must achieve:

* It must create and expand relationships between people;
* It must support a basic need to embrace a wider social portion;
* It must start locally, to be well refined looking forward to be extended;
*It must reinforce the importance of eating in a healthier way;
* It must be nice;

As a first target audience, we determined the Porto Alegre university students. Usually they receive scholarships and live together with 2, 10 and even 30 students in the same house.

After discussing with some university students, we realized that, instead of determining what to eat during the graduation period based on their preferences, they choose their menu based on how much money they have to eat.

How it works?
We created a website, hosted at, which provides different dishes based on fruits, greens and vegetables, grouped by value. The student can choose a price, and navigate through the different foods available with that amount.

Defined the dish, the user can navigate through the different local producers that sell the products.

The service
Our service is responsible to maintain the dishes x prices database, as well as gather different producers and transporters.

Next steps
* Implement a collective purchases mechanism, or even a signature mechanism, to allow people to buy bigger quantity for a lower price.
* Implement the entire relationship between the consumer, the producer and the delivering system, allowing the producers and transporters to update their prices in real time.
* Improve the focus on healthy food, with help from nutritionist.


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