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Creating a community support system amongst the students.


"James is being bullied, who will help him? Where can he get help?"

Existing support systems within secondary schools that address the problem of bullying are mostly disconnected and not effective. Amplified by the outdated hierarchical structure that discourages reporting because of the possibility of exposure in cases promoting the problem.

Wings aims to integrate an additional dimension to the education system that improves access to support system and reinforces behavioural change to better the address the issue of bullying.

Creates awareness about the issue of bullying
Provides supplementary education and resource on the issue of bullying
Provides incentives that are integrated into the curriculum
Building life skills
Leverage current technologies

Through gamification, Wings attempts to break the traditional hierarchy. Headmaster -> teacher - > older students - > younger students relationship. Where teachers are no longer at the frontline of identifying and administering student's mental health.

Creating a community support system based on the idea of students helping students. Promoting interaction between students through a varietiy of features.

Game features
Daily interaction tasks to earn points - to promote interaction between students.
Player avatars - maintains anonymity
Game levels - students accumulate points to advance through levels enabling them to become mentors to assist other students.

24 hour support
Training room activities - learn how to gain additional points
Support and resource - easily accessible hints and tips
Anonymous chat rooms - allow students to chat anonymously to mentors, teachers, counsellors or social workers.

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