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Where Dialogue Meets


In modern cities and metropolises, relationship within communities is cold and lacks bonding. For a lot of individuals, relationship building can be quite a painful experience.

People are segregated emotionally because...
They might be fearful to open their territories to begin conversations.
They might be skeptical to a friendly conversation initiated by a stranger.
They might not be able to identify those who share similar interests.

And this demotivates people to connect and frames them into an attitude that they just DON'T CARE about each other.

What this project is ?
With the belief that commonalities starts conversations and conversations build relationships; commonalities and positive reinforcement will ultimately build trust and rapport.

This is both a digital(Mobile Application) and physical platform that enables valuable conversations and interactions by finding commonalities between the differences of people.

Why This project?
1) Rebuild the value of love and trust within community
2) Integrate both virtual and physical social interaction
3) Sustainable relationship that is formed from the commonalities between people