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Hong Kong is overcrowded. Monitor the best time to venture out with this app.


Hong Kong is one of the most crowded places in the world. Often on streets you can see people squeezed like sardine fishes and it's just plain annoying to move. If you are a shopper happened to be in one of these areas – the absence of physical space, the unbearable level of noise and smells are likely to make you feel desensitised and frustrated within a very short time.

MassMapper is an app that helps you to make an informed decision to avoid crowds by suggesting where you should go in the city. It reports real-time crowd distribution in dense urban areas, and show to you there are many less dense areas that you might want to go. If you are a person who treasure quiet time in a public urban space. This is the app you should get.


Jonathan Wong, Mandy Ku, Siu Shan Lau, Albert Soler Mas

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