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Voice Your Opinion!


For businesses that want to improve customer satisfaction, Speak Aloud!, is a user-centered consulting service that builds the relationship between customers and products/services. Unlike other consulting firms, our service provides physical interaction with the users and strengths the business brand.

Users of services and products voice their opinions in many ways, such as social media, formal complaints, etc. Often, these valuable opinions are not aggregated for the business to take advantage of. Additionally, if a user is not selected for a study, too busy to call the customer service, or not using social media, they might be missing out the opportunity of their voice being heard. Our service reaches a large number of users, regardless of their background. The convenience and the fun fact of the service’s interactivity will attract a large audience and produce quick feedback necessary for a business.

On the other hand, a business can hire user experience consultancies to do user research, but most of the time only a specific audience is reached. With the interactive digital boards placed at high foot-traffic areas, it strengthens the brands of the business in addition to the traditional user research methods.

Our service consists of:
• Research clients’ needs and design the interactive systems
• Place interactive systems at high foot-traffic areas
• Keep track of the information gathered
• Provide live graphical statistics on a website for users as well as client
• Revise the digital strategy as needed
• Research analysis and final report



MBTA Images: Justin Baugh (1) / KindredCoda (2) via Flickr (Creative Commons-licensed)

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