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"Facilitating real conversations about money between adults and kids."


With the theme Grow^, The "Red Rider" team tackled the problem of financial acumen among children. The group narrowed the focus to parents who are fiscally responsible and have the desire to facilitate a conversation with their 6-10 year old children.

"We see a lot of solutions that 'gamify' or abstract the use of money, our mission was to get these children involved in real world finances." Said David Rondeau, one of the groups team members.

The group created a prototype application by the name of "Eenie-Meenie" that allows kids to utilize their parents device in the grocery store aisles to comparison shop. The app centers around the use of two cartoon monsters to guild the children through the process, while using a barcode scanner to gather information on quantity and price to enable the child user to make a decision.

"We have all stood there in the aisle tying to decide whether you should buy the name brand or the generic, the bulk or the small container. Eenie-Meenie puts the power of that decision in the children's hands, giving parents the opportunity to talk about the value of money." Said Erik Wullschleger, another member on the team.

The Red Rider team members included Noah Albro, Liz Armstrong, Rebecca Magario, David Rondeau, Mike Farag and Erik Wullschleger; all professionals from the area with a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets.


The Team - Liz, Becca, Erik, Mike, Noah, David, Joe

The 'Rents - Kelly and Evan

The Facilitators - Randall & Joe

The Spaces - Red Nova Labs & Google Fiber Space