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The 3 Cs: Confront, Complete & Conquer


Changing behavior for the better contributes to our personal growth and wellness. Many of us struggle with kicking bad habits and nurturing good ones.
Procrastination is a common bad habit we all have experienced. Despite the fact that delaying worsens the situation, we voluntarily procrastinate tasks. It sends us into a downward spiral of stress, guilt, loss of personal productivity and accountability.
Why do we set up a task and not fulfill it? Experts suggest tools such as making to-do lists and keeping a process journal to overcome the problem. Yet, the suggested tools are lackluster and hard to stay engaged with.
This project intends to create a mobile app that turns an uninteresting task into a fun and rewarding game to play. The app helps one select a task to be fulfilled and suggests a plan to achieve the goal. Then it turns the journey into a game of defeating a monster. The game prompts reminders at preset time or at the arrival of specific places. The reminders consist of action choices. As one makes the right decisions and stays on track, the monster is gradually weakened and eventually conquered as the user wins the game.


Rachel Lin, Danielle Caldwell, Chris Ostrander, Brent lockee, Jason Dauwen, Justin Ruggieri