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Discover your city.


PIONEΔR is a digital service that is composed of an online platform and a mobile application. It allows engaged, motivated and curious urbanites to discover more of their city by referring to a database of user-generated treasures (oddities, curiosities, and points of interest) that have been mapped out on an interactive map.

A PIONEΔR-virgin city appears as an uncharted natural landscape, described only in ways of natural landmarks (rivers, topographical map, contour lines). Every new mapped location would be categorized on an interactive map with various filters (ex: oddities, romantic, food, historical, etc) that would then be available for clients to find, select and organize their search results. Other than the interactive map, part of the website is dedicated to a drop-down menu that would allow urbanites to select their adventure level, preferred destination and location. From there, the program will be able to chart a set of suggested locations and a printable adventure map.

Users would also be able to ‘dicover’ new places by geo-tagging a location, document their own journey paths and share or suggest them to others. This allows a specific type of urban exploration and storytelling to emerge and encourages the sharing of special experiences. These journey maps could be rated and also categorized according to the overarching filters and level of experience.

Users of this service all begin as ‘users’ of their city. As users begin to generate content and traverse new territory they progressively gain status by the number places they ‘discover’, moving through the ranks to become ‘Expert Pionears’. Each user has the ability to block and rate others content. This type of self-regulating community allows the ‘pionears’ to curate the content and manage quality.