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Warsaw Service Jam

Yay! Jammers here created 9 project(s)!
Let your happiness grow !
bus, happiness, positive, grow, meals on wheels
Zombie Bar
Zombie, Bar, EyeShot, RIP, Vampire Drink, Hand Snacks, Skull, Seans
grow your local comunity!
Extend your wardrobe by exactly what you want
Grow Your Belly Healthy
This mobile application helps to prepare your body for pregnancy.
Cooltoural Team WSJ13
culture, mobile, last minute
Supply of ready-to-grow customizable plants for people living in a flats, who want to eat healthy food.
Grow Kid
multi-platform system for children skills monitoring and development
Leveling up public space, give incentive to local commons to act, persuade them they can
Jamming Warsaw, Poland