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Leveling up public space, give incentive to local commons to act, persuade them they can

Description: is a service for all who care about quality of public space that surrounds place they live in. It is for those who are complaining about quality of public services they are provided with and are willing to do something about it. is a non-governmental no-business affiliated independent consultancy that has an aim at helping local communities to improove quality of their local public space. to do so we activate people's own potential, provide proffesional consultancy when needed and realising together and in tight cooperation with local community project to green up their local public space.

Sometimes you feel you just want to escape from what surrounds you and you feel you do not fit in, feel week when you want to change it. You can find us using various ways, such as: your friends, you have noticed our ad, you have seen us on facebook or our web page. At first you begin dreaming about your local space, but it is not enough for you. Your thoughts are bigger. You visualize change and you see it can be done. You can contact us through various channels by phone, facebook, our web or coming to our office. You help us to identify best places to start and that seek change most desperately. With your help we try to understand stakeholders needs and adress them with the working solutions, during consultations we recognize the most common needs, seek local profesionals that are able to advise you and translate your thoughts into project. from few concepts that will emerge, you pick up one that is going to be realized. You decide which one suits you best in terms of concept itself, time and money needed. we collect your votes and announce winning project, only your imagination can provide you with the best answer. We belive in you! We will help you when needed with professional consultancy and services, just do it! Share your opinion about the project with us and document your efforts, make others know what you have achieved! Now, you have finished. Congratulations!!! We belive next time you can help others to improove quality of public space elsewhere because now you know how to do it and it is possible!!!!


scenario, screenplay,direction - Katarzyna Piekarczyk , Adam Buśko, Stanislav Volokh, Wojciech Kuśmierek, Adam Kapała
voice- Arkadiusz Augustyn
montage - Katarzyna Piekarczyk
photo - Adam Buśko
music Andrey Avkhimovich, Danjyon Kimura

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