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Grow from the experience of other generations - and grow together.


Our project aims to put the life experiences of the elderly into a modern context and, by doing this, to make them usable for the young who would ideally learn something valuable for their own lives. additionally the elders get to get in touch with younger generations and can in turn also learn life lessons from them or just get a better insight in modern life and young minds. so basically the idea is to meet people you wouldn’t usually spend time with in everyday life and learn from each other.
nowadays not all youngsters have the possibility to get support concerning various life challenges from older people (like grandparents), and the elderly often have a feeling of unimportance considering their own person. by bringing those groups together we can balance out these kinds of deficits. we believe that a society works best when there is an exchange of experience and a sense of understanding between the generations. at »wisdom replanted« people can meet types of people completely new to them, learn from each other, get new input and change their way of thinking – and as people grow personally, friendships grow, and the generations grow together.