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Find. Eat. Share.


Flavour Finder
Aim: To bring community groups and cultures together through food.

Target Audience: Initial research and ideas stemmed from the the very young and the very old. However this project is aimed at everybody on a global scale who share a passion for good food.

Why: We found that the heritage and communication of skills (especially cooking) have been lost in a our technological age. The project is both physical/ personal, and online to keep up a fast pace and momentum.

The Solution:
A recipe is written with necessary information along with a story/ legacy of what that meal is all about. This is placed inside a time capsule (A jam jar perhaps?)
On the user can 'create' a recipe, where they can print or be sent branded stickers and a 'wrap around' to place on their time capsule. They will also be given a code which will identify the recipe. This will make everyones time capsule stand out and be recognisable.
The user will then place their time capsule anywhere in the world, and give hints (not exact location) of where it is.

The time capsule is found by a different user. They take it home and cook the recipe. Online they can rate and comment on it as well as reveal where they found it. They are encouraged to 'release' the capsule again so it can continue its journey.

On the website the user can also seek out potential capsules, by searching the world map. Points are rewarded for jars found and created.


Beth Russell
Khash Faiz
Daniel Kraszewski
Jordan Hughes
Suzanne O'Connor
Nicki Bowskill
Alison Burrows
Carolina Escobar-Telo