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Would be the lack of growth on youth connect with a bad management life?


Our idea is about life planning. We believe that when you start your youth, you are something like lost with lack of attention and mainly, with little or no support.

We create an app to plan your life with goals, objectives and dreams. The idea is to follow you along all your life. Through this app, you can organize your goals, and don’t worry! We will reminder you about it. When you complete your goals, we will give you points about this. You can collect points and lost points if you don’t do your objectives on your set time. Our objective is your growth, so hiking up!


1 - Download at the App Store.
2 - Enter in a cadastre page, with avatar selection (hiker).
3 – Page of categories with one category clicked.
4 – Page with goal cadastre (Name, lenght).
5 – Page with a chart (X,Y) with all categories with different colors.
6 – Page with one chart cliked.
7 – Page with one chart clicked and click on a post-it to get some tips.
8 – Page with daily reminders with goals informations, like how many days remain to complete your goal.


Graphics: Andre Tito, Nicole Ledermann, Bruno Cardoso
Videographics: Renan Castro
Voice: Ana Carolina Calixto