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Growth by Passion and Perspective



The Problem: How do I find if a new career possibility suits me with low risk and investment?

Target: People in a quarter-life crisis (25-35 years old), considering new professional possibilities for growth and career directions. Quitting their jobs and starting afresh entirely would be a very dramatic step: requires investment and high risk.

The Solution: An on-site, real-life taste of a new profession.

For job swingers: Allow people to test drive and have a taste of a new profession they are curious about. Have a hands-on experience and mentoring / counseling by professionals in the area.

For companies: get positive PR, contribute socially, get expertise they need for small tasks instead of hiring.

The Service: JOB SWING

One day one-on-one: Accompany someone on their work for a day; hands-on experience; talking and mentoring. (Potentially scalable to one-week workshops, etc.)

Slogan / Tag line: (other alternatives)
Try a new profession before you go for it
A new taste for a second life
Dance your career away



There are no jobs for life, anymore. At some point you might need to change your job / career / income model, etc… Why not learn fast about other career options, before you commit to a new one?



This is a rough description of the service moments, in an approximate chronology:

1- Set up web site, JOB SWING team
2- Get host companies to take on-board job swingers for a day, in areas that people are interested in trying
3- Job swingers enroll and pay on the JS web site: personal info, interests, days available, ...
3- JS site does smart matching of job swingers and companies, proposes to them matches (using interests, location, days available)
4- Scheduling of learning day between job swinger and company (using the JS site to communicate with each other - protect anonymity until agreement reached)
5- Actual LEARNING DAY - job swinger goes to company to learn "on the job" for a day
6- Scheduling of giving day- with company and job swinger
7- Actual GIVING DAY - job swinger goes to company to give his/her work for a day

0- Publicize using public relations (TV shows, news, magazines...) - target job swingers and companies (depending on the TV show / press audiences)
0- Advertise online to get job swingers (adwords, banners on professional sites)
0- Advertise on job centers ? (protocol)
0- Get feedback from job swingers and host companies control experience quality

0 = ongoing activities


Rita - for filming the role plays
Patricia - for directing and kickstarting the role plays
The mentors who shared their experience at the LX Service Jam!
The LX Service Jam organizing team - they made it all possible!!