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Make your city grow up happier.


Nowadays we are living in a mentality change process, and tools are necessary to help citizens growing up and taking responsibility about their actions.

Leucocity it’s a tool that citizens could use to comment things or give their good or bad opinions about their respective cities. Also it helps us to organize and cooperate between citizens to solve the most important problems that they consider, to alert other people about incidents happening in their city near where they are. Furthermore it could be very useful to public administrations that could know immediately and without manipulation those things that citizens consider more important to solve and the projects more important to invest.

Users could add to this platform their own ideas about various aspects that could improve the city in specific aspects geolocalized on real time.

A platform where you can exchanges opinions and contrast them and could serve to citizens and also administrations to walk on the same way and growing up together.



Aroa Díez
Bruna Balanga
Juan Ignacio Rodríguez de León
Javier Méndez Barrera
Javier Marín Hernández