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Receive a Experience-Box ... Grow your Heart ... Be rewarded!


Do you want to explore new experiences and cultures, both within your local area or even globally? Then "Grow your Heart" is the right service for you!

Just register online and choose from different categories of experiences, e.g. cultural, social, handcraft. Based on the chosen categories you will receive a box with information and instructions, so you can prepare for your experience. After enjoying your experience you can rate it online and will get a heart badge for your collection. And surprise: You will also receive a tangible heart badge by mail.

By using our service, you will meet new people from other cultures, you will learn new things and see the world from another perspective. Shortly: You will grow your heart!


A big thank you to for supporting us and clearing our minds when we got stuck goes to the jam organisers Britta, Jens, Isgar and Carsten. And we want to thank Ralf for helping us with amazing visual sketches.