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Changing the way we are educating teenagers about sex through games and rewards.


Having gone out onto the streets we found that sex education in this country is poor. 1-4 of those who do receive sex education says it is inadequate. Most people share a vague embarrassing memory of their teacher beating about the bush- referring to the word as ‘it’ and filling up awkward silences with laughter.

By law, pupils must learn the biology of reproduction as part of national curriculum science but, beyond that, there is no statutory requirement to teach them about relationships, sexuality or how the body really works. In a nutshell, Sex education fails to reach out to teenagers. Sadly, most people are picking up what they know about sex and relationships through television and porn.

We have designed a platform for 11- 18 year olds that facilitates peer to peer sex education, relationships and emotions through a simple concept of gamification and rewards. Our service is out there to build a level of healthy communication between peers about understanding your body and feeling good about sex.

We are helping young individuals to realize they can become champions in creating a conversations. Lets face it, everyone talks about it so lets talk about it properly.

Our solution is a positive online game of self discovery. It enables the youth to take control and educate themselves. The whole point of growing up and learning about sex is that you are the decision maker and this site allows you to learn off people who your age in your own way.

The site will open young peoples eyes into seeing what other people don’t know, what people want to know and how fun growing up can be.


Total girl power.
Obie Campbell
Rina Jensen
Anna Haywood
Estee Chaikin
Emilie Sheehan
Vicky-Marie Gibbons