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What you seed is what you get, from the root.


MOW is a company that provides an exchange of services for food and help improve and promote the products of the regional farms.
Creating experiences, disseminating knowledge, and contributing for local and personal growth!

But what is this MOW?

1. A self-sustainable system that aims to balance the economy.
2. is an online platform that works with a network system.
3. connects producers with customers geographically.
4. adds credibility to the products.
5. Provides a personalized experience through an exchange of services.

How does it works?

She organizes the producers and displace them over a map where you can see their location and also the products they sell.

After the selection, there are two ways of present the products to the consumer:

An opportunity to visit the farm in question, and be part of the process of extraction of the resources, whether they are products of animal origin or vegetable origin. With this, the aim is to create a deeper involvement of the person, make her know the route of the product, from its origin to its consumption.
Besides contributing to personal growth, it makes possible to have access to significant discounts in obtaining the products, and even get a direct exchange of goods for services.

If the customer does not have availability to move up to farm, the MOW have a home delivery service. This service would be organized by MOW, the most cost effective way possible and the distribution would be at the responsibility of a subcontracted company.

Given that, and as final phase, the customer has the possibility to evaluate the quality of service provided by the farm.
All this information would be available on the online platform, and will serve to motivate producers to provide better service in order to become more competitive, increasing their standards of quality and getting more visibility.