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We improve the image of your enterprise through popular street performers at a small cost.


We identififed the need of small entrepeneurs for getting known in their market without spending, what they usually dont even have, in expensive publicity. These small entrepeneurs will assist us by refrences that we'll build strategically in the publicity media. We'll also need to create a web community to promote our services, one that will also work as a feedback of the work performances of our agents.

As these small bussinessmen negotiate with us, we propose a campaign transmited through our special intermediaries. These comercial promoters will be street artists and small street entrepeneurs, with commitment and necesarrily a great talent. We'll contact these performers through a data base made by the help of our web communities. As the audience of these street artists post the act of the performers and share their opinions in our page, we get feeback of the artist success. Our clients have the option of following the process through the service as they read the posts made in the community pages.

Finally, we help our clients to get recognized in their market as we help the street artists grow professionally, transiting from work informality to formality.