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From the main theme UTOPIA which the team was working on, the 'Political Squirrels' focused on the feeling of having an imaginary place like that and how it is often build from various unfulfilled wishes.

Thus the project aim was to wake up people's imagination and bring a reality to their dreams by sharing their wish to our online communicating platform.

The team has noticed that between having a wish and making it happen their are often barriers such as money, time, other responsibilities or just don't have the courage to do it.

That happens in cases like Wendy, our main actor who wants to go bungee jumping but has not got the guts to do it. Sharing her wish with the wizard (our platform theme), the website provides relevant links to the places, that offer facilities similar to her need, she can build a funding page on the website for friends and maybe others interested of supporting her dream and also providing access to a network of people that have similar dreams but did not accomplish them yet or people that already passed through that face and finally made their wish come true.
Wendy can then support others that want to bring their wish to reality.

The service works in different scale of wishes, from Wendy's wish to do an extreme sport to Steve's wish on writing a book or even Peter that wants to travel the world but has not got the money. The website will then provide him links to charities where he can collect money from or volunteer to places he wants to travel.

If a wish of yours come true, that will definitely make your day!!!