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A service to enable a network model of change


A service which will enable people within the community to engage in growing healthy food and sharing experience.

Around the city of Dundee there is a series of important spots within local communities which are in need of redevelopment.
A potential area will be marked as a 'Hive project' parking site for a mobile trailer which is managed by committee members from various organisations like the allotments association, friends of the Earth, reforestation scotland as well as individuals from the community.

The project will travel across the city at different times, visiting local communities, and developing expertise through action to grow healthy food.

People can pay a very small membership fee, and start developing a fund to sustain the service, alongside main sponsorship funding from local project partners such as Dundee City Council, local Schools, SOEC,WWF, RSPB. A website will be developed to provide information for the various linked communities, and people can upload photos and other details to share their experiences. You people will be able to learn new skills, develop awareness about growing food, healthy eating, sustainable practices, share their produce, promote happiness and engage in revitalising


Joanna Bletcher, David Sanchez, Hazel Saunderson, Alina Archiriocioaei, Finlay Page, Craig Sutherland
With thanks to Natalia, Taylor Haig and all the Jam Doctors