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Funmily - a brand new way to connect the family


Funmily - a brand new way to connect the family

Do the children of these modern days knows about the history of their families? And do the parents understand the concerns of their children?
The roots of many problems between family members could be better solved if they have the knowledge of the past of their parents and grandparents.

The values, experiences, tradition, that hard times they've passed to get where they are now could avoid bigger problems.
Moreover, the difference between the behavior and culture of different generations may be minimized.

It's all about mutual learning and integration between generations and make them grows together!
Parents can perpetuate these traditional values and experiences, and children can teach about new technologies and explain theirs behaviors.

How we can do that?
A boardgame to connect the family, stimulating conversations that will make them understand and respect each other. The goal is to get to end all together, and the game will be integrated with smartphone and a website that saves the histories, photos and videos in a timeline, saving the memory of the family.


Alvaro Gonçalves
Bianca Faraj
Danilo Cruz
Eduardo Bernardineli
Mayne Rabello
Nayara Carvalho
Pedro Caraca
Simone Salti
Tammi Lemes
Ursula Nicia Mras
Well Miyatake