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With our kids for a sustainable education and sustainable world


Considering the serious pain points in Iran, all of our ideas narrowed down to the three important issues; environment, nature, and abstract meaning of grow^. These three led the project to sustainability and culture improvement targeting children as audience.
This multi purpose play camp contains the education section and activities. Activities include characters, according to the recycling issues and collecting rubbish. According to our business plan for this specific project, characters are suggested to be played by volunteers from school and universities. All selected clean rubbish form parts of the cities, are given to the park in order to help them creating fun with them and encouraging kids to play with reused and recycled material. This Trash-Play camp that we offered has the potential of combining lots of plays and activities, in which the rolls of designers are essential.
After playing and getting services, all kids get prizes because of playing with all reused and recycled materials to improve their respect for environment and sustainability. Therefore the whole idea has the important impact on culture growth.