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Motivating Old People to Grow^


Old people who live in Rest Homes can do many simple things like knitting, cooking, fixing cars, watering apartment plants & taking care of kids. Besides, they have several needs that can’t be done by themselves due to their disabilities, like shopping, driving, going to cinema & reading news.
On the other hand, every district in Tehran has a Local Service House managed by neighborhood people. People usually go there to do several social activities and participate in community events.
Our Service Design Team suggest that people who refer to these houses, list their simple needs which old people can cope with, and what they can do to help residents of rest homes. In rest homes also, such a list becomes made by residents which points their abilities and needs. Service designers match abilities and needs of both sides and everybody benefits from this!
This sharing program makes our customers feel self-confidante, strong, independent, useful, happy and connected to the society. They enjoy a continues desirable relationship with the society and get rid of their annoying loneliness in good oldies…


Parinaz Abdi
Sepideh Afsari
Nima Bavardi
Moein Kahrizi
Asal Barati
Mojgan Kamari
Farzad Shaghaghi
Mahshid Tashakori
Fatemeh Halabisaz