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The personal, private journal for your secret heart


Daisy is your personal, private journal and secret digital locker to record and reflect on for your innermost thoughts, memories and emotions.

We started by exploring ideas about personal growth. The team rapidly homed in on an idea for a daily journalling app. It would let you record a "thought for the day", lock it away, and then reopen it at a future date for review and reflection.

We used the Business Model Canvas to explore the value proposition for different customer segments. We had initially imagined the app would be targeted at the self help market or professional development. But asking the question "who already writes a diary?" lead us to focus on instead on teenage girls.

We developed two contrasting personas: Lily - the popular, confident girl, and Daisy - the quiet, geeky type. We then used customer journey mapping to explore how each of them might use the app to record her thoughts, emotions and memories during a single day. We realised our app - all about private, personal reflection, not a social public persona - was perfect for Daisy but less so for Lily. Though maybe it is perfect for the bit of Daisy in Lily?

We started sketching interface ideas using postcards and Sharpies (what else?) to work out the flow of the app. We knew recording moments had to be really quick. Daisy wouldn't want people realising she was writing her 'diary'. We iterated round lots of UI designs until we'd boiled them down to a really simple set of interactions and patterns. Reflecting and reviewing memories could take more time - something she'd do late at night, in private. We didn't get so much time to work on those, but were happy with the general direction we were heading in by the end.

We used the fantastic Pop iPhone app ( to turn those sketches into an interactive prototype. You have to test interactions on a real phone, using real gestures. PopApp is perfect for doing that really quickly, really early.

We decided to call our app Daisy, to always remind us of our most important user persona. Watch our "kickstarter" video pitch to learn all about her.


All the good photos are by paul_clarke @paul_clarke