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For picky eaters and foodies to find food they like to eat and grow their palette.


For picky eaters and foodies who have a hard time finding a dish they like, Try It! is a service that helps you find food based on your tastes. Unlike Yelp which rates restaurants, Try It! is all about food to help grow your palette.

Helps individuals have a more positive experience in restaurants
Pays attention to your taste, allergies, health issues and individual requires
Helps to explore cuisines
Social from Facebook to Instagram
Can check in on dishes and brag about yours
Find dishes that you like anywhere you go
Helps food servers help you
Easy to use Icon System
Restaurants benefit because patrons will come back based on positive experience - get what you like
Promote individual chef's thoughts
comfort zone


Marcella Missirian
Nick Scaramuzzo
Sean Chamana
Cristalle Kishi
Tathy Otero
G Singh
Jason Van Merle