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Turn gardening into gaming, encourage kids to play with their food. Real plants, digital fun.


Turn gardening into a game with Plant O'Palz, a monthly plant delivery service and a fun, educational companion app. Kids level up, socialize, and obsess over caring for a real plant.

Childhood obesity and diabetes are at epidemic proportions, symptoms of many people's broken relationships with food. Plant O' Palz grows our relationship with food, starting with young children, and giving them one on one relationships with unique plants. As they care for these plants, children get to share with their friends great photos of their successes, and further gamify the process, merging their physical experience with their digital excitement. New plants arrive each month, and game elements intensify, to maintain the ongoing interest of the child.

Plant O' Palz is a social enterprise B Corp, using a significant portion of profits to make the service available in schools and underserved communities.

Grow, Learn, Cook, Share

Plant O' Palz - Real plants, digital fun.