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Providing an authentic travel experience for all.


Open City provides cultural explorers with personally curated experiences at the point of travel destination. Our service gives travelers the inside story of the people, places and happenings that reveal the riches of the city. An Open City package, called a Matelin (portfolio), might include a book along with a personalized music collection, handarts, maps to out-of-the-way places. Open City travelers get exclusive access to restaurants, clubs and people all chosen by a local taste leader.

Throughout the trip and afterwards, travelers can share the experience on the Open City network and on favorite social networks. Staying connected with Open City travelers can draw on their experiences to enrich their everyday life at home while the Matelin provides a rich and meaningful souvenir collection to treasure and display.

Open City, travel experiences personally curated.


Narbeh Dereghishian - UX unicorn
Phil Houtz - Eefing, content
Alice Lin - Rabble rouser, ideation, personas
Jamie Thalman - Slinky, camera, editing, creative direction
Video Airplane Photo Credit (flickr): lrargerich

Team members:

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