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Happy Children with Little Gardener


In Turkish Primary Schools, third grade children experiment germination with cotton and bean seeds. Well to be honest its pretty boring and smells terrible. Very soon every primary school will have their tablets to be used in classes. So we decided to make this process more fun and better smelling. We started with an interactive application. Obviously kids will love it. They can choose which fruit or vegetable that they want to GROW. After they choose, schools will provide them ready to use germination kits. Than they will start to use app and the kit simultaneously. App will teach them the process for each fruit or vegetable. They will follow the instructions and add soil, seeds, fertilizers and the initial water. App will also remind them the watering times and amount. They can track the process of the GROWTH with the app. According to botanic information, app will show them how the plant should look like in the days of process. If there is a problem app will also suggest some solutions. Then they will continue the process and enjoy their germination experiment. The kids even can eat the fruits or vegetables. In the end we will have Happy children with Little Gardener.