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Trimming Taxation for Small Business Populations


We build.
We start.
We fix.
We run.
We are experts in our field, and our community is strong.

But dammit, we’re tired of the paperwork.
Tired of taxes.
Tired of accounting.
Tired of the business of running a business.

It’s time to grow^.


The People's Fiscal Platform

We believe that individual freedom to take chances and organize in pursuit of opportunity is the foundation of capitalism. It is this freedom that motivates each of us to commit with passion to innovate and to create new wealth. Without this liberty invention and innovation will not grow our economy and each of us cannot control our individual destiny.

We believe that the revolution of technology and communications born in this generation organically creates opportunities for communal economic development and growth through personal investment, the power of the community and open source business development.

We believe that the data created by our work and our personal transactions should first and foremost belong to and be exploited by the community, for the community. This creates alignment of our interests with the use of our data. That alignment fundamentally does not exist when our data is owned by other interests and exploited on their behalf.

We believe that a co-operative financial platform that provides banking, accounting, credit and business services to the community can grow through a planned open source movement. This coordinated movement can build a financial platform that provides robust, secure services and open innovation on behalf of the community.

We believe that the will and the resources to develop and sustain this platform can--and only can--come from individuals choosing to join this community movement. We are motivated by our common good, bound by the principles of community ownership of financial services, community stewardship of data, and a community which fosters individual responsibility and opportunity.


We believe that a robust, secure and innovative financial services platform can be created through a coordinated open source movement. This platform will serve four purposes:

1. Owning and stewarding of our financial data so that it can be used on behalf of the community rather than exploited by third parties not aligned with our interests.
2. Organizing that data as the foundation for innovative financial and business services that enable and support entrepreneurial opportunities.
3. Operating the platform to create non-profit, community-owned alternatives to commercial banks and other business services.
4. Fostering business practices aligned with community interests through competition in the marketplace.


jenny, stuart, morgan, matt and rohn.