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Introducing people to social work through encouraging small deeds that grow exponentially


Through a gamified experience and added incentives, Deeds^ is a platform that encourage and incentivize people to make their first steps in doing volunteering work.

In doing small deeds and favors, the platform learns with the user's actions, recommending about which deed the user can do next. In gaining experience, points and badges, users learn better about their motivations and abilities to help people. Furthermore, the user receives recommendations of what, when and how to cooperate.

Sometimes, people want to help others but they don't have a clear idea of how to start. Giving people incentives and recognition, the project address not only extrinsic motivation (incentives) but intrinsic motivations too (the desire to help others), acting as a starting point to make people leave their comfort zone.


Camila Moraes, Caroline Ehlke, Fabio Hideki, Juliano Martinez, Leonardo Martins.
Coaching: Maíra Nisi.