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enjoy your time better to realize your dreams


Guilherme is 43 years old businessman who has lots of dreams that are not becoming true because he blames on his lack of time. From this problem we created the "Timeometro". A service that helps Guilherme to follow his aims by calculating the time he spends on things that could be helpful to make his dreams become true.
The first contact with the public is through advertising. By handing up flyers, stickers and signs that contains a question about the users daily habits as "I'm learning french while driving..And you? " Timeometro: We trie to make people like Guilherme feels curious about how he can use his time more efficiently.
When Guilherme acess the Timeometro website he is going to say which kind of things he would like to do more often and by discribing his routine and how he spends his time on things like driving, using the internet and watching Tv the "Timeometro" is going to calculate how he can addaptate his aims and dreams to his routine. A good exemple is: If Guilherme wants to read books more often and he takes one hour to get to his job he can start reading while going to work or if he is the one who drives he can listen to an audiobook.
Resuming, The Timeometro shows its users how they are spending their time and how they can spend it better in order to make their become true.
Our plan is to make this rentable with advertising, by having partner and sponsorships with stores, languages courses and all the services in comum with our dreamer's dream.