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It's OVER folks, it's OVER.

on Sun, 03/03/2013 - 20:00


The third Global Service Jam - the sixth Jam we have enjoyed with you all - broke all the records. All of them.
At the end of the day, almost 3000 people in over 120 cities had Jammed for a total of 84000 person-hours (that's about 50 person-years) and produced over 500 projects, uploaded here...
But the projects are not even half of it. The buzz on Twitter and Facebook, the serious conversations, the crazy dance videos, the valuable insights - everything was bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before.  And that is all down to you. You made it happen!
We're tired, frazzled and after 65 hours of non-stop GlobalHQ we need a rest. But we have to thank everyone who made the worlds biggest ever service design, design thinking, innovation event possible.  Those amazing local hosts - some of them experienced hands, some of them complete beginners - who took the time and had the courage to set up these amazing events. The sponsors who gave us spaces, food, drink, tools, and advice. And everyone who just helped out in the good spirit of the Jam. You are amazing!
It always blows us away. We run this thing with a staff of 0 and a budget of nearly nothing. Things will go wrong, and things do go wrong. But when you were frustrated - like when we were not clear in our communication, or when we fried the server - NOBODY got mad at us. Nobody even got grumpy. You smiled (at least outwardly), and kept on Jamming. What an amazing community you are! It is a privilege to Jam with you. 
We need to say some special thanks to the people close to us who made it possible to run GlobalHQ for an event of this scale. Thanks to the Bangalore Jammers, to Neeraj and Francis, to Deepthi, Gautham and everyone else at Thoughtworks for hosting and making us so thoroughly welcome! And very special and personal thanks to "no sleep till Monday" Manish and Mik for jumping in at the last minute to help run the GlobalHQ and news desk. You guys rock!
Look at all those projects online! But don't forget to look at all the other outcomes of the Jam - the new skills, attitudes, and energy you have. The  friendships and contacts - tested by Jam - you have made. The other projects and initiatives which will come later.  And of course the knowledge that you CAN do this, you can beat impossible deadlines, work like crazy and still have fun.
Thank you again.  All of you. YOU ARE THE JAM.
Let's do it again in June at Global GovJam, the Jam with unpredendented potential. It's going to be huge!
It's over, we're worn out. We need to sleep. 
GlobalHQ out. JAM OFF!
Markus & Adam.
PS Oh, just one more thing...