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Timo Ketonen

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Introduction: Blogger & Sailor ⚓ Entrepreneur & Service Business Designer. Passionate about Media, Marketing and eCommerce. Enjoys outdoor life and photography.

Now working as Partner and Service Business Designer at PALMU. My desire is to help our clients succeed in finding the right customer experience in the digital and the physical world. Customer insight is at the core of any successful business model: "Because no service concept survives its 1st contact with customers."

With more than 20 years of Executive experience in Finance, Media and Marketing, Timo knows first hand what it is like to lead a firm and to be in continuous pursuit for new sources of profit. Timo has been co-founding four companies during his career, and has designed several profitable business concepts. Timo has a long experience in the Print & Media Industry, having worked in this field both in Finland and internationally in the Nordic countries, Hungary and Russia.

Timo worked as Project Manager with EDGE Research Group at Åbo Akademi University during 2011-2013. The focus of the research project was on media firms and more specifically newspaper publishers’ approach to find new sources of revenue in the rapidly changing digital ecosystem. The design of new and viable business models is a real challenge in the constantly changing media landscape, where consumers are increasingly online. In fact Finnish Internet users are now among the most avid consumers of online news and rank #1 among European countries. Consumers obtain and share their news on multiple platforms including blogs and social media. Mobile media consumption is clearly an accelerating trend, which in turn requires new business models and new ways of engaging consumers in media and advertising content in the right context.

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