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Stuart Congdon

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After spending a large number of years in QA, progressing through automated testing, systems automation and weaving in the odd bit of web development and design, I've found my calling in the world of product management.

My current role at PayByPhone encompasses product design, UI design, UX design, usability, design and of course product management. Generally acting as a product owner amidst our ever evolving Agile world, I frequently look for opportunities to stretch our product offerings and enhance them based on best practices from service design and interaction design.

My personal goal is to excel at every stage of product management from conception through design to realisation. I thrive on development of ideas and concepts in order to create that one interface that is a joy to use; one that dissolves the barrier between user and system.

Specialties: Conceptual design, Service Design, UX, product management, making a decision and the odd bit of QA.

Project(s) 2014