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Pamela Spokes

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"Be generous and expert, trustworthy and enthusiastic, open-minded and adaptable, persistent and clear"- these are my guiding principles

Committed to a customer-oriented service attitude and demonstrate this by continually keeping the needs of potential and current customers the focus of my work. I am also interested in technological advances and bold new ways of doing things. I am interested in turning talk into action and creating a culture of innovation. I was able to prove this when, in 2011, I was awarded "Vuoden kansainvälisestä uroteosta" (International Act of the Year) by Aalto University Student Union.

I bring the international perspective (along with a lot of international experience) to any job I do. My love of travel began at a young age and has infused into every aspect of my life. My other passion is education- whether it is me doing the learning or helping someone else. These two drivers have led me to international student recruitment and, ultimately, to the customer experience within the higher education sector. I have experience working in the UK, Canada, Sweden, Japan, and Finland. I also have a lot of experience working in a marketing and communications environment.

My studies, MBA in service innovation and design, are to more deeply explore the connection between service design and the customer experience. I am interested in the customer experience in non-traditional environments and I am a big fan of technological solutions and their versatility.

In December 2014, I was described by my colleagues as: innovative, creative, bold, assertive, idea rich, courageous, humourous, determined, forward-looking, and realizing the big picture and seeing the national hindrances.

Specialties: Customer experience, communications, copywriting, editing, data analysis, planning, big picture and small detail vision, inter-agency coordination, an international perspective, innovative thinking, problem-solving, marketing, English, content design.