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(I'll try to keep it simple and sweet, promise)

Personally, I am not much of a fan of writing stuff, but in today's overly web-connected world, I refuse to be just some
other faceless designer among a sea of websites!

Phwit, at the service jam at the moment, but you already figured that one out. The name's Nicolas Maalouf. But you can call
me Nykola/Nicky/Nick... I am a freshly baked out-of-the-oven-eat-me-while-I'm-still-hot graduate in visual commnication.
I work both in print and screen.

I have a thing for...
POLAR BEARS. When I am not designing, I can be spotted hugging a polar bear or at least in the attempt of doing so. I
can't help it, I have a weird thing for Polar bears!!!! They are the most adorable creatures ever. Period.

I have a BIG...wait for it
NOSE! Gotcha. Seriously people, where'd all the innocent people go?Huh? Hihi. So yeah, I am super nosy,
but in a good way. So far, my curiosity hasn't cost me any lives, but who knows.

I am a dreamer but...
my dreams are too GINORMOUS to fit my tiny brain, CRACK! Ouch. You see I dream of making a difference in
the world through design. It's a tough job but someone has to do it. I am currently looking for a sidekick.Any volunteers?

I'm am no Evel Knievel but...
I LOVE experimenting with projects in the hopes of coming up with something that's daredevil-ishly new and unique
(and I usually succeed 99.99 % of the time in doing just that).I am a risk taker--Yes, I am willing to take any challenge.
So please, BRING IT ON!

I'm friendly...
True story, overly friendly sometimes...I mean if you think I'm ugly as hell, cute as a kitten, or plain stupid or what not,
email me on / poke me on facebook (and by the way if you want to be my friend, it's not enough to send me a request, you have to come here and hug me or at least send me a virtual hug) request, or just check my LinkedIn to see my work whereabouts, then by all means, be my guest. Like right NOW! :) BAM!

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