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Muhammed Rajeef M K

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I believe that understanding the basic functioning of anything will give you the ultimate resource to make changes to it and enhance its value.

This belief has led me to the two major 'P's of my life - Programming and Psychology. The former in order to get to the bottom of world's second best machines while the latter to get to know the inside working of world's first and to date the best natural machines. I have been successfully using the two 'P's to tackle the third P of my life - Procrastination.

I'm a Startup enthusiast (read as not yet started one but about to) and also an aspiring life coach. I mainly focus on how to use technology for an individual's development especially those which involve procrastination as its cause-effect cycle.

Areas of interest in Technology domain:
- Android App Development .
- UI & UX Design Psychology.
- Design & development based on HTML/CSS.
- Data Recovery.

Areas of interest in Life Skill domain:
- Procrastination
- Habit Formation
- Zen Approach to Life
- Analysis Paralysis
- Impulsive Decisions
- Behavioral Pattern Analysis
- Self Quantification

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