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Mary Wharmby

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As a user experience designer, I transform complexity into elegance by incorporating interaction design, UI/graphic design, game dynamics and storytelling. I design interactive products that are intuitive and engaging to use, creating enjoyment and understanding. I'm fluent in UX design methods such as: user research, personas, conceptual/ideation, sketching, wireframing, IA/systems design, UI and visual design, prototyping and all phases of user testing.

I’ve worked in the design industry for almost fifteen years in firms ranging from small start-ups to large multinationals - consumer to enterprise. My experience encompasses a wide variety of design challenges including interaction design, art direction, print and user testing. I've successfully designed for web and mobile. I have an MFA in New Media from Academy of Art (my design side) and an MA in International Relations from Columbia University (my systems analysis side). I’ve lived and worked in Europe, Russia and India.

User Centered Design

I put the user at the center of my iterated design process. Beginning with detailed user personas and requirements, I develop smooth and rewarding task flows that facilitate multiple use cases. Designs are evaluated at each stage in the process through user testing. The result is a product that satisfies the needs of, resonates with, and engages users.

Engagement Design

Outstanding usability is only the first step in creating successful user centered environments. I incorporate games and game dynamics (gamification), storytelling and interactive narratives, and social spaces, to enhance meaning, motivation and engagement.

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