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Marta Lasen

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As the Community & Hosting Manager of a network with 300+ social innovators and entrepreneurs I am dedicated to catalyze systemic change, cultivating the conditions that empower individuals and projects to thrive and generate positive social impact through collaboration.

My interest for creative and collaborative ecosystems has driven me over the past three years to grow and accompany a community of social innovators, entrepreneurs, NGOs, intrapreneurs, professionals and creative disruptors in Milan, hosting conversations that matter, enabling the creation of networks and designing programs and events for impact. As part of my work at Impact Hub Milan I have also contributed to several projects in the social and organizational field, applying innovative facilitation methodologies with a human touch.

My background includes marketing, events organization and creative processes management, while I am currently exploring design thinking, art of hosting, participatory approaches and storytelling as tools for fostering social change and positive impact.

I am passionate about people's stories, cross-cultural pollination, youth empowerment and civic engagement and I am always looking for new challenges to embark on.