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I have an engineering background (I graduated in Materials Engineering at Politecnico di Milano) with a specific insight on industrial design (I attended a Master course in Industrial Design and Design Engineering at and my work experience cover a wide range of fields:
- development of a simple digital tool to assess environmental impact of the production of IC devices
- sales analysis in the automotive field
- experience in an interior design studio

Right now I’m working as design and product development in an innovative startup called Slow Wood ( our aim is to promote quality and craftsmanship values of made in Italy brand through pieces of furniture shaped with precious but sustainable woods.

I’m becoming more and more involved into the subject of human-centered design (right now I’m attending the online course promoted by and Acumen+ - and coding for web-design (autonomously, through platform like as I think that these two are powerful tools to shape great services for the future.

As I had little to none background in the design discipline and culture before undertaking the Master course in Industrial Design, I began the activity of freelance blogger for interior design website "Inner Design”. This job gave me the chance to analyze under a more rational light the projects that stroke me the most as I was advancing with studies of design history and browsing through more up-to-date scenarios.