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Lauri Holja

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I am a BBA graduate specialized in entrepreneurship and I graduated December 2013 from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). During our studies we established and ran our company, Extempo cooperative and I was a member of the board in the company, aswell as the business leader in the Fall 2012. I am interested in international affairs, marketing, innovating and leadership.

In the Spring 2013 I was working in a team entrepreneurial Start-Up called Glow Junior Co-operative in the Basque Country, Spain. During this time got to know the business culture of Spain by working with 14 spanish entrepreneurs. We also travelled with the team to San Francisco for a month to network and to develop our entrepreneurial mindset.

I researched and wrote my thesis on international friend leadership. The goal was to find common characteristics that makes a good and a succesful friend leader, no matter the country or the culture. The work was graded as 5 (on a scale of 0-5).

At the moment I am working with a colleague establishing a new start-up in the field of educational exporting. We believe there is a demand for team learning methods in every part of the world that any university can benefit in many ways from these methods of learning. We are passionate about spreading this message of team learning and our aim is to find potential universities where there is an interest for taking these tools to use.

My ambition in life is always to keep moving forward and developing myself and the company I am in. In the future I hope to be working abroad and be succesful at what I do, either working for myself or for someone else.

Lauri Holja

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