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People in public services rarely get appreciation in return for the hard work that they provide for the public. This can be seen in many places such as transport services, hospitals, schools, and many more. So for our 2013 service jam we came up with an idea that would grow happiness and appreciation towards those people.
We are Love Bombers, our idea is to release details through social media every once in a while that would invite random people from the public to join us at a specific date, time, and place in thanking and showing appreciation towards workers in the public services.
Its simple… we visit a location, approach a public worker and give them a hug, a piece of chocolate, or just say a simple thank you!
Through our facebook page and twitter we can maintain a strong community that can look back at previous love bombings as well as stay updated for future ones.

Love bombing…grow happiness and appreciation towards forgotten workers in public places.