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Isabel Marques

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I smile a lot.
I love breakfast and cucumbers (preferably together).
Gabriel Garcia Marquez is my best friend.
One day I will be able to jump!
Every decade should be like the 80’s.
I wish I lived in Norway. But right now, I want to live in Lisbon.
Sleeping in is therapeutical.
I must learn to like honey.
“Hanging about” is actually a lot of fun. (This one’s for Peter)
I love my Canon A1.
Grey skies make me blue.
There is no place like home!
White crispy cotton bed linens are my favorite.
The perfect beach: sand, sea, plenty of rocks, boulders and preferable no humans.
Yellow isn’t such an ugly color after all….
Tea in the morning, tea at lunch, tea at night.
I have serious dilemmas between my hair and a pair of scissors: cut, don’t cut, cut, don’t cut.
Smoked salmon is my favorite treat.